Natural zenithal illumination - DOOR SHELTERS
Curb-mounted door shelters

Curb-mounted door shelters are made in single wall col-bending Polycarbonate PC sheets UV rays protected having constant thickness.

The section is characterised by a curved shelf and upper profile to keep the sheet, straight but inclined in the final part to drain away water.

Ribs are made of anodised aluminium extruded in compliance with UNI 9006/1 on matrixes of our exclusive design.

Seat keeping sheets and upper closing profile are provided with EPDM sealing gaskets.

The door shelter is also provided with upper connection profile to the wall in anodised extruded aluminium and accessories for a correct installation in stainless steel (natural colour).

Standard rib colours: natural anodised aluminium, anodised dark brown, anodised black. 

Standard sheet colours: Opal or Transparent.

Some of our realizations
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